About Us

Ilham Echenta

Since 2012

Specialising in designing instant turban & instant hijab with the easiest way to tie, modest look & more fashionable styles for both formal and casual wear.
The youngest in a family of nine siblings, Echenta has always been a fashionista. Helping her mother in sewing baju kurungs since young has given her the fundamentals of dress-making and an impeccable work ethic. One would guess that the headstrong lady would choose a major more aligned with her passion like fashion merchandising. Nonetheless, Echenta majored in Creative Multimedia at Cyberjaya’s Multimedia University instead. However, all is not lost as she dived into it like a fish taking to water. Upon graduating in 2004, she worked as a graphic designer for a while without losing sight of her dreams. Little did she know, her dream was simmering, waiting for the perfect moment to blossom and, it did. Observing fashion trends especially amongst the Muslim community in Malaysia, Echenta noticed that turbans are fashionable in other countries yet often unfairly characterized as something passé or favored by ladies of a certain age. Hence, her keen eye for shapes, fabrics and style led to the idea of making turbans the new must-have accessory. Echenta recounts her joy when recalling her first order for 20 turbans in 2012. “All I had was a sewing machine! A month later, the word caught on and I received another 50 orders. I knew I had to hire a tailor then.” This promising start came on the back of her amazing work ethic, determination and her driving force who is her husband, Shahrir. “He is my advisor, my inspiration and he always pushes me to do the best in my life.” Shahrir is a strong shoulder for Echenta to lean on, often contributing to the development of her fashion house. The turban colours are certainly eye-catching and Shahrir selects them himself. “He has an eye for things like these,” Echenta says with pride. Classics like black and earth tones are what customers look for but it’s the brighter colors that get the vivacious Echenta excited. “You don’t have to be afraid to express yourself through these colors. I understand the appeal of the classics but people need to experiment.” Even turban structures receive the Echenta treatment. The usually cumbersome turban is easier to wear and adjust as she incorporates a strap onto it. Success comes to those who seek it and it certainly is the case with Echenta. Furthermore, Bangi which is known as a mecca for Muslim fashion has no other fashion house offering turbans. Echenta also models her turbans on Instagram to inspire people on the diverse ways of wearing a turban. This daringness and uniqueness is what led to her first London fashion show, in collaboration with well-known Malaysian hijab brand, Sugarscarf. “There’s a gap in the British market. It’s definitely more urban and that’s where our turban comes in,” Echenta explains. An instant success with over 100 attendees, it certainly captured Londoners’ attention. “We did everything ourselves. Our make-up artist even doubled up as a model.” Back home, a fashion show in Kuala Lumpur’s Publika proved a crowd pleaser too as models strutted in vibrant-colored dresses and matching turbans. Despite the colors, Echenta insists on simplicity keeping the attention rightfully where it should be – on the turbans. The Ilham Echenta fever doesn’t stop there as one can now shop for their turbans at Modvier, Bangsar or Isetan Suria KLCC.